About Me


My Story

My background is not particular noteworthy, but the story of my personal journey into the world of ‘culture’ may resonate with some.  For me, the seed of curiosity was planted many years ago.  I would love to say I was dramatically stopped in my tracks by a painting that ‘called’ to me, or being hypnotised by my first outing to the opera and realising it ‘talked to me’.

In reality though, it has been a slow and steady evolution, with that seed only beginning to germinate after a major life event.

A kaleidoscope of new experiences

I found myself on the fringes, with a kaleidoscope of new experiences in front of me.  Ready to have my cultural preconceptions disarmed through virtuoso performances, and the pleasure of evoking new sensations, I took the leap.  I have to confess, it was an inauspicious start.  Like a monkey throwing darts, I would select events to attend, arrive by myself, armed with little more information than the University of Wikipedia could gladly provide.  Over time though, I began to gain some semblance of knowledge, and more fortunately, was able to make acquaintances with a few charming and enlightened individuals.  Whether they realised it or not, through their insights, suggestions, and encouragement, I began to quickly gain momentum.

‘The Cultural Aficionado’

There have been challenges though, particularly when it came to source information which helped answer basic questions like: what is the format?  what should I wear?  what should I expect?  what’s the price?  Are the facilities good? what’s the food & drink like?  I found most websites & magazines catered for the seasoned die-hards, and people who had already gained years of experience.  It became obvious that a little piece of information goes a long way to instil confidence and enjoyment.  So perhaps I could help people who may want to experiment with new immersions, by providing a little context on each event.  By doing this, I could hopefully encourage more people to participate and venture into this ‘new & mysterious’ world.  Thus, ‘The Cultural Aficionado’ was born.  My goal is simple:  to encourage cultural participation, build personal knowledge, and enrich one’s life through these new experiences.

So with this, I look forward to having your thoughts and recommendations on this continuing adventure….


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